Warranty terms and conditions:

Distribution manifolds, hydraulic separators, quick installation groups, fasteners, automation – 2 years warranty provided that they are properly installed and stored in proper conditions.
Termojet heat pumps – 3 years warranty subject to annual maintenance and commissioning by an authorized service center.
Termojet energy-efficient circulation pumps, Termojet three-stroke and four-stroke cranes, Termojet electric drives – 2 years of unconditional warranty for any case except for physical damage to the equipment and incorrect electrical connection (we simply replace the failed equipment with a new one)

Mandatory requirements for Termojet heat pumps (for warranty and warranty service).

Warranty obligations for Termojet heat pumps are fulfilled only if the commissioning work is performed by a representative of an authorized Termojet service organization or other authorized service center and the service book contains complete data: about the seller (company name, address, telephone number, seller’s stamp, date of sale of the equipment, equipment name, model, serial number); full data about the consumer (name, address, telephone number); correctly filled in “Commissioning Certificate” (company name, address, telephone number, printing).
It is not allowed to commission the Termojet split or monoblock heat pump by a person who is not authorized for such types of work, by the customer himself, as well as by unauthorized installation organizations.
The warranty service is provided only by the service center that commissioned the equipment.
The first commissioning shall be performed by the service center no later than 6 months from the date of sale. If the commissioning is not performed within 6 months from the date of sale, the buyer loses the right to commissioning and warranty service of this equipment.
Commissioning and further maintenance of this equipment will be carried out at the expense of the buyer.
Commissioning of the equipment is carried out only after proper installation, availability of filters at the water and gas inlet, protection devices against undervoltage or overvoltage (stabilizer).
After each year of operation, the equipment must undergo maintenance (paid service) by specialists of an authorized service organization. If the consumer does not comply with this condition, the warranty for this equipment is valid only for 12 months from the date of commissioning.

Scope of work on commissioning:

Checking the correctness of the installation;
Putting the equipment into operation;
Checking the performance of safety elements;
Familiarization of the consumer with the rules of operation of this equipment;
Connecting and vacuuming the freon circuit.

The warranty does not apply:
If commissioning was performed by an incompetent person;
In case of gas and water contamination;
In case of decrease or increase of the mains voltage;
In case of unqualified installation and violation of the equipment operation rules;
In case of improper chemical water treatment, defrosting of the system;
In case of violation of the integrity of the seal installed by the service center during commissioning.

Thermojet service engineers have undergone special training, are provided with service vehicles, and have all the necessary tools and spare parts to respond quickly to a call.

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