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Pump WILO Yonos Para HF 50/12


The WILO Yonos Para HF 50/12 circulation pump is a high-quality pump designed to provide efficient and reliable circulation of liquid in heating systems and hot water supply. It facilitates the forced movement of the heat carrier in a closed circuit, enabling even and rapid distribution of heat throughout the system.

SpecificationsUnit of measurement
ModelYonos Para HF 40/8
DiameterScrew 2"
Pump length180 mm
Qmax230 V
Hmax8 m
Power consumption305 W


*Cash (PRO)
*Cashless in the FOP year
*Cashless for the year LLC with VAT


*Own delivery
*New post
*Delivery of the facility (by arrangement)


*Warranty repair
*Service point
*Post-warranty service