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Manifold for 2 circuits KM281


The manifold is used in heating systems, where it is necessary to distribute the flow to several heating circuits with different parameters. For the angle connection is used special swivel elbow kit. The axial distance between between flow and return lines of heating circuits is 250 mm.

The delivery set includes:

  • fastenings
  • one set of clamping connections (left)
SpecificationsUnit of measurement
Qmax: △Т=10°С850 kW
Qmax: △Т=20°С2100 kW
Heat generator connectionDN 200
Heating circuit connectionDN 50
Height (with fastening)995 mm
Length1135 mm


*Готівка (РРО)
*Безготівкова на р/р ФОП
*Безготівкова на р/р ТОВ з ПДВ


*Нова пошта
*Об’єктна доставка (по узгодженню)


*Гарантійний ремонт
*Сервісний центр
*Післягарантійне обслуговування