Pump group GP-51L 1 ¼” (Left)


Pump group GP-51 without mixing unit is used when the same flow temperature of the primary circuit and boiler is requested by the user in heating systems

For example:

  • Radiator heating circuit
  • Swimming pool heating circuit
  • Ventilation circuit
  • Domestic hot water heating circuit
SpecificationsUnit of measurement
Connection to manifold1 ¼"
Connection to heating circuit1 ¼"
Pump length180 mm
Height471 mm
Width296 mm
Depth160 mm
Qmax: ΔT=10°C45 kW
Qmax: ΔT=20°C85 kW
KVS16,3 m³/hour
Working pressureup to 6 bar
Volume0,9 l



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