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The distribution manifold or comb is one of the important components of the heating system in the house. The main task of the heating distribution manifold is to distribute the heating fluid to several consumers.

This approach to the organization of the heating system is becoming more and more popular due to its effectiveness. In addition to distributing liquid along the circuit, such equipment also allows:

soften water hammer (when adjusting and changing temperature);
neutralize pressure surges;
extend the service life of all devices in the complex.
There are distribution manifolds designed for heating systems and for "warm floor". There are distribution manifolds designed to be connected to auxiliary heat sources (eg solar panels).

Heating distribution manifold: classification
Distribution manifolds can be classified according to various parameters. There are heating distribution manifolds designed for:

installation of warm floors;
installation in a boiler room;
radiator connections.
The key difference between heating distribution manifolds is the number of teeth, which can be from 2 to 12 pieces.

Distribution manifolds can be simple and sophisticated in their structure. The first is characterized by the absence of any additional elements or auxiliary parts for adjusting the operation of the heating distribution manifold. Structurally, the simplest distribution manifold consists of:

connecting holes.
The improved distribution manifold for heating is equipped with the following elements:

control units;
valves (including drain valves);
air outlet devices.
For a heating manifold, the material of manufacture is an important criterion. You can buy a distribution manifold for a heating system made of copper, steel, polymer or brass. The choice depends on the temperature of the coolant and its pressure.

The distribution manifold, the price of which corresponds to the quality, will guarantee a stable and efficient heating operation.

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