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A heating pump is a special equipment used to heat private houses, cottages and other premises. Equipment of this type is responsible for increasing the pressure in the system. Since any heating system working in conjunction with a boiler requires fluid circulation, circulating pumps become an integral part of it. The main task of the equipment is to provide forced circulation of the heat-transfer fluid within the closed loop of the boiler. As a result, heating the room becomes faster and more efficient.

Circulation pumps for heating
Structurally, pumps for heating include the following elements:

water pump;
electric motor with control board and terminals for connecting wires;
rotor (creates fluid circulation in the high pressure pump);
All elements of the pump for heating are located in a robust metal case, which prevents damage. Additionally, circulation pumps can be equipped with such elements as a timer or thermostat.

You can buy a pump both for heating systems and for organizing ventilation or hot water supply.

Which pump to buy for heating: types
You can buy a device of various types:

dry (The rotor is located not in the water, but in a dry zone. A special seal in such a pump to increase the pressure prevents the ingress of liquid. The devices are characterized by high efficiency up to 85%. The equipment creates a lot of noise);
wet (provides for full immersion of the rotor in water. There is a speed regulator, users will also be pleased with its small dimensions and low noise level).
If you need to buy a pump for heating, pay attention to the following characteristics:

maximum feed;
power consumption;
connection type;
When choosing a product, you should also pay attention to the diameter of the pipes. By purchasing a circulation pump, you guarantee yourself the following benefits:

the efficiency of the heating system;
economical energy consumption.
Products have a fairly long service life. When choosing a device, be sure to take into account the type of heating and the square of the room, which will subsequently need to be heated.

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