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Manifolds with hydraulic separators

A collector with a hydraulic arrow is a complex equipment used to protect heating boilers, to ensure their stable operation. The complex system includes:

hydraulic arrow. It has a reliable welded structure, it is connected to consumers through branch pipes closed with valves and plugs. Periodically, users will be required to clean. The product is responsible for the balanced operation of the system, stabilization of pressure drops, removal of dissolved gases and sludge;
distribution manifold. It performs the function of a separator, directing the heat-transfer fluid to a specific consumer, as a result of which the liquid is directed along a dedicated circuit.
The manifold water gun, available at an affordable price, is made of durable steel. Constructional, stainless or black steel is used for it. Stainless steel is preferred because it is able to guarantee the longest possible service life, protection against oxidation and other reactions. Black steel is also quite popular. The service life of products made from this material can reach 10-15 years.

When purchasing equipment, it is important to pay attention to the direction of the outputs (up or down).

Why buy a hydraulic arrow with a manifold?
By purchasing complete equipment with a water gun for your heating system, you can achieve the following benefits:

extending the life of your boiler (electric, gas, solid fuel, etc.);
reducing the load on heating equipment;
optimal distribution of heat between consumers;
prevention of sudden temperature fluctuations;
removal of gases from the heat-transfer fluid;
creation of warm and comfortable conditions for work and rest.
The hydraulic arm with a manifold is a single system made in the form of a monoblock. This allows you to significantly simplify and speed up the installation of equipment, eliminating the risk of errors. The equipment will also save space in the room, which is especially important for small apartments. The package includes all the necessary fasteners and other parts for installation.

Buy high-quality appliances in our online store and provide optimal heating of any premises.

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