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Hydraulic separators

A properly organized heating system ensures human comfort in any room. Hydraulic switches and manifolds are used to optimize the heating process. With their help, it becomes possible to optimally distribute the coolant to several consumers.

A hydraulic gun with a manifold is a complex equipment that allows quick and easy installation. This design is hermetically sealed due to the use of high quality steel and pressure testing. You can buy a hydraulic arrow and a heating manifold for connection to gas, electric or solid fuel boilers of any capacity.

Structurally, the system is a monoblock with branch pipes. The group of branch pipes has a special thread for connection to the heating system.

Hydraulic switches and their purpose
A hydraulic gun (or hydraulic separator) is a device that is an indispensable element of high-quality heating. This is an additional unit, characterized by a special design, the specificity of which is due to the number of circuits and other characteristics of the boiler.

There are the following reasons for installing such equipment:

Prevention of damage to the boiler heat exchangers, which can occur due to thermal shock (for example, when the system is first started), checking the equipment or shutting down the pumping equipment.
Possibility to stabilize the pressure with a difference in flow rate in the boiler circuits. This is true for solutions such as underfloor heating, water heaters, etc.
Sump function. Thus, all debris, rust and various impurities will settle in the hydraulic arrow. This is only possible if the dimensions of the product are correctly calculated.
As a result, any pumping equipment, sensors will work stably.
Air removal. As a result, you will be able to prevent the formation of corrosion on the various metal elements of the boiler.
If you want to buy a water gun and a heating manifold, it is important to take into account such boiler characteristics as:

boiler type;
heater power;
number of circuits (from 1 to 5 pieces).
The absence of a hydraulic arrow can lead to rapid wear and damage to the pump, further stopping the functioning of the entire heating system.

Hydro switches and heating manifolds

If you want to buy a water gun, it is also important to consider the following technical features:

center distance.
Among the advantages of a hydrostatic gun, one can single out a low price, the possibility of extending the service life of expensive equipment, and high quality (products are tested at a temperature of 110 ° C and under a pressure of 10 bar). The complete set includes convenient fasteners for mounting the equipment on the wall.

Hydraulic arrows will allow you to create an efficient and durable heating operation in any room.

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